On Sumatra’s far southern tip, Bandar Lampung is the gateway to magical wildlife experiences and tranquil white, sandy beaches. (more…)


East of Flores, the islands of the Alor Archipelago are some of the least explored in all of Indonesia. We set sail on the Seven Seas luxury schooner to discover some of the world’s best dive sites and ancient animist cultures.


Istanbul was recently ranked as the world’s fifth most visited city and an estimated 12 million tourists were drawn to Sultan ahmet to visit such architectural gems as Hagia Sophia Mosque, Blue Mosque, Topkapı Palace and the Grand Bazaar.


At the historic port city of Southampton, the River Test joins with other watercourses in a wide and windswept estuary, big enough to make cruise liners and container ships look tiddly. But its upper reaches are in stark contrast.


When I decided to visit Russia in January, in the coldest part of winter, no one was more shocked than my Russian friends. “You do realise Russia is in the northern hemisphere?” one asked, convinced I’d got mixed up. “Change your ticket come in July.”