Long-exposure Photography
  • Amsterdam Sunset – the Netherlands
    This picture is another example of long exposure during the day, taken in Amsterdam at sunset. I calculated how long the boat took to cross the frame. When the time was calculated, I used a 3-stop ND (neutral density) filter to get the dynamic line of the boat in the middle of my frame. This picture was awarded a gold medal in the Trierenberg Super Circuit, travel category.
  • Lavender Field and Milky Way – Guadalajara, Spain
    I had seen night scenes with lavender fields that were really nice, but I had never seen a picture with the Milky Way over them. For six months I planned the perfect place, the perfect day and the perfect hour to catch the arc above the lavender fields. This image is a stitched panorama of seven vertical frames. It has been published in several magazines and has won several international photography contests.
  • Kirkjufell Perfect Reflection – Iceland
    Iceland is an ideal place to enjoy after-dark photography and to see aurora borealis, one of the most wonderful natural phenomena. This mountain is called Kirkjufell, and in the sky you can see an aurora, with a perfect reflection of it in the water.
  • Marina Bay Sands – Singapore
    The long-exposure technique allows me to add an important mood or atmosphere to my images. This image was taken with a 10-stop ND filter, plus another 6-stop ND filter. With 16 stops I get a long daytime exposure of around eight minutes. With eight minutes of exposure, you can get superb reflections in water, like a mirror.
  • Toledo City Foggy Night – Spain
    I live near Toledo, and for many years I have been travelling back to the city between November and February to try to get an image like this. But whenever I visited, the fog was very heavy, very soft or very high – never what I was looking for. Finally, in January 2017, the fog level and the street’s illumination were just right. I got it! This picture was taken with a 70–200 lens at 200mm.
  • Beehive Buildings – Hong Kong
    This residential complex is called the Yick Fat Building. When I first saw it, it reminded me of a beehive. All of the apartments are very small and close together. This picture was taken in the centre of the inner courtyard, and from this angle, the view of the buildings is stronger. This picture was taken at 14mm.
  • Good Morning, Damian Shan – Yangshuo, China
    To take this picture I got up early, at 3am. After hiking and climbing for one hour, I arrived at the top of the mountain. I was rewarded with the sight of one of the best sunrises of my life. This picture won the 2017 EPSON International Pano Awards, landscape category. This is a stitched panorama of seven vertical frames.

Jesús M. Garcia

Jesús M. Garcia adalah fotografer profesional asal Spanyol, yang mengkhususkan diri pada foto landscape dan cityscape. Banyak penghargaan yang ia dapatkan untuk hasil karyanya, antara lain medali emas untuk Al-Thani Awards for Photography. Belum lama, Jesús memenangkan penghargaan EPSON International Pano Awards sebagai Fotografer Terbaik 2017. Jesús juga didukung oleh LucrOit, Foto Ruano Pro, PhotoPills dan Terrascape.