Alor Underwater


Alor, an island in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, has diverse marine life. So, what’s under the water? Let’s find out!


Made famous by the Finding Nemo movie, these brightly coloured fish are usually found swimming around the anemones, which they call home.

Sea Anemones
Moving gracefully by following the movement of the water, these sea animals also look like plants. They bloom like flowers and come in a rainbow of colours. Pretty!

Tropical corals in a variety of colours and forms add to the allure of Alor’s waters. While they look like plants, corals are actually animals: each individual coral is made up of thousands of extremely small animals that live together in a colony.

Highly intelligent, dolphins are aquatic mammals that have many characteristics in common with human beings – for example, they love to play and are extremely social. Pods of dolphins can be seen daily off Alor.

Native to the Indo-Pacific, lionfish attract attention because of their dramatic pectoral fins and poisonous spiky fin rays. They have striking red, white, cream and black stripes.

These beautiful creatures also make their home in Alor’s waters. While they move very slowly, they are masters of disguise so are not easy to spot.