Bunaken National Park Underwater

Located in the middle of the coral triangle, Bunaken National Park in North Sulawesi is rich with marine biodiversity. It is home to more than 400 species of coral and up to 3,000 species of fish, including the following.

Eagle ray

This is one of the biggest fish that can be found in Bunaken National Park. The rays can grow to more than nine metres – that’s longer than two cars!


This fish is unique because it has a frog-like face. It can also change colour and shape to suit its surroundings.

Napoleon fish

Also known as humphead wrasse, these fish can usually be seen swimming around the coral.

Longnose hawkfish

There are two things that make this fish easy to spot: its distinctive pointy nose, and its red-and-white stripes. Longnose hawkfish, which eat other small fish and shrimps, are usually seen around soft and black corals.

Pink skunk clownfish

Just like his more famous orange-and-white cousin, the pink skunk clownfish lives among anemones.


While other fish love to swim, stargazers prefer to bury themselves in the sand. They have two large venomous spines.