Do you like to ride on carousels? You might know them by their other name, merry-gorounds. Let’s find out about them!

The animals
Lots of animals can be seen on carousels, from horses and tigers to unicorns, in various poses such as ‘standing figures’, ‘prancers’ and ‘jumpers’, which go up and down.

Around a thousand years ago, knights would practise for battle by riding in a circle and throwing balls to each other. The game was called garosello, or ‘little battle’, in Italian, or carosella in Spanish.

Recordbreaking carousels
The oldest working carousel is at Wilhelmsbad Park in Germany it was finished in 1780! The world’s largest carousel opened in 1981 at House on the Rock in Wisconsin, USA: it has 269 animals – but no horses!

directions In North America and mainland Europe, most carousels move counter-clockwise. In the United Kingdom, carousels go clockwise and are called merry-go-rounds.

From GA KIds Colours October 2018