Dino Timeline

The age of the dinosaurs began around 240 million years ago. They ruled the world over three major eras before becoming extinct.

Late Triassic: started 248 million years ago

Around 240 million years ago dinosaurs took their first steps on Earth on a massive ‘super continent’ that we now call Pangaea, which began  to break apart during this period. Some of the dinosaurs living in the Triassic period were the Plateosaurus, Herrerasaurus and Eoraptor. Near the end of the Triassic is also when small furry mammals began to emerge.

Cretaceous: started 138 million years ago

The first flowering plants began to bloom in this period. The Cretaceous period ended 65 million years ago in a massive extinction event (believed to be a meteor striking Earth) that wiped out the dinosaurs and over 50% of Earth’s animal and plant species. There are many dinosaurs we know about from the Early and Late Cretaceous periods, including the one and only Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Jurassic: started 205 million years ago

The Jurassic is divided into the Early, Mid and Late periods. This is when dinosaurs reigned supreme for almost 150 million years. With a diverse range of plant- and meat-eating dinosaurs, in the late Jurassic birds also began to appear and first take flight. You might recognise the names of some of the dinosaurs from the Jurassic, including the Anchisaurus (Early), Megalosaurus (Mid), and Brachiosaurus (Late).