Fun on Macan Island

Let’s go with Mum and Dad to Macan Island this weekend! Here are the five fun activities you can do on and around Macan Island.

Go exploring. With the island less than a hectare in size, there are many interesting things you can see hiding in its lush tropical vegetation and that of its neighbours. Trekking is a great early-morning activity – just ensure you take something to drink with you.

Rest and relaxation
Relax at the beach. Enjoy the beauty of the deep blue sea and fresh air. This surely will make you feel happy and refreshed, and excited to go to school on Monday!

Go snorkelling. Snorkelling is great fun, even if you can’t swim, as you can use a life jacket or even arm floats – just make sure the water is calm, and follow your guide’s instructions. It’s the best way to see myriad fishes and colourful corals.

Enjoy the sunset. Your holiday on Macan Island won’t be complete without gazing at a sunset. Watch as the sky turns from blue to orange and the stars take over the sky.

Beach sports
Play ball on the beach. Whether volleyball or football, the beach is a great place for games. To make it more fun, take your mum and dad to play along.

From GA KIDS Colours July 2018