Kids’ Guide to Cairo

Planning an Egyptian holiday? While the highlights are of course the pyramids and  the Sphinx, there are loads of other fun attractions to enjoy in Cairo.

Khan Al Khalili Market

This centuries-old bustling market is a maze of laneways filled to the brim with curious colourful vendors offering anything and everything, from spices and perfumes to costumes and jewellery. Have fun looking at the unique things sold here and maybe buy a souvenir or two; justbe careful to not stray from your parents.

Egyptian Antiquities Museum

The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Cairo is an unbelievable treasure-house of ancient riches and artefacts. Inside the museum, the glittering treasures of Tutankhamun and other great pharaohs lie alongside the grave goods, mummies, jewellery and more. Take the guided tour to help you explore.


A trip to Egypt is never complete without a visit to the pyramids. While at the pyramids, riding a camel around the site can be great fun, and of course exploring inside the pyramids is great way to connect with ancient history and feel a little like Indiana Jones.

Hot-Air Balloon Ride

A hot-air balloon ride in the early morning is one of the most breathtaking ways to see Luxor. The sunrise view you’ll catch while floating up in the clouds is really worth waking up early for. The way the sun hits the magnificent temples and lights up the green of the Nile banks
is a sight you will never forget.