Let’s find out the facts about these sweet treats!


The Biggest Lollipop:

In 2012, See’s Candies of California showed off its creation of the largest lollipop on record. The giant chocolate candy weighed over 3,000kg, the equivalent of 145,000 regularsized lollipops combined!

Lollipops for Everyone:

The mass production of lollipops began in 1908, when the Racine Confectionery Machine Company in Wisconsin, United States, first invented a machine that could automatically put hard candy on the end of sticks. It successfully produced around 2,400 lollipops per hour!

The Name:

The origin of the name ‘lollipop’ is unclear. British people have used the term since the late 18th century. However, it might also have come from the Romany words for toffee apples, since ‘red apple’ in Romany is loli phaba. However, George Smith trademarked his candy ‘Lolly Pop’ after a racehorse.

The Modern Lollipop:

The lollipop as we know it today is said to have been invented in 1908 by a guy called George Smith from Connecticut in the United States. He was inspired by a caramel and chocolate confection on a stick, and so decided to make a hardened version of it.