Martial Arts

Practising martial arts isn’t quite the brutal pastime that it seems. In fact, many different martial arts teach self-discipline and control, respect, focus and self-improvement. Try to guess the native country of each martial art below.

T’ai chi ch’uan

Often shortened to tai chi, this internal martial art has a worldwide following and is practised in a meditative state in order to achieve focus and relieve stress on the body and mind.


An Olympic sport since 2000, taekwondo combines combat and self-defence techniques, but it is best known for its spinning kicks and fast openhand techniques.


Aikido roughly translates as ‘the way of the harmonious spirit’ and encourages a flowing style of self-defence that also protects the attacker from injury.

Pencak silat

The origins of pencak silat predate written records. Today the martial art encompasses hundreds of different styles using freehand and armed techniques.