Meet the Starlets

Let’s get to know these six funny plush characters. Each character is a very special animal from Indonesia. If you would like to find out how to get one to take home as a souvenir of your trip, just ask a member of the cabin crew.

Modo the Komodo Dragon
Modo’s favourite activities are sleeping and eating. Modo also likes making things and enjoys maths.

Pilo the Javan Hawk-Eagle
A natural leader, Pilo is very smart. He also loves to talk and sing.

Gama the Sumatran Elephant
Gama is laid-back, wise and likes to eat. He has very strong senses of hearing and smell.

Hara the Sumatran Tiger
Hara is brave and likes to do sport, but sometimes his feelings get hurt.

Oru the Orangutan
Oru is cheerful and sometimes a bit naughty. He likes to play music and climb trees to pick fruit for his friends.

Badu the Sumatran Rhino
Badu is goofy and clumsy, but also kind and helpful. Badu likes reading books.

Did You Know?
Animals like Gama, Badu, Modo and friends can be seen in the wild in Indonesia, but their numbers are not as large as they once were. That is because, over many years, the impact of people and their activities has affected the places where these animals live. This is a problem for animals all over the world. However, many governments, organisations and people are working on ways to increase the populations of animals which are now considered at risk.

From GA KIDS Colours June 2018