Rikishi The Sumo Wrestlers

Wearing a Loincloth
When in battle, the rikishi wear only a mawashi (loincloth) warpped around their hips. Mawashi are made of silk and come in various colours. Many rikishi believe their luck in the ring can influenced by the colours of Mawashi.

Wrestling in a ring
Japan’s national sport, sumo is played by two wrestlers, called rikishi, in a circular ring called a dohyo. They push, grapple and try to throw each other until one of them is out of the dohyo or touches the ground with any part of their body except the soles of their feet.

Topknot hair
Sumo wrestlers wear a chonmage (top knot) because most of the current forms of the sport were developed during Japan’s Edo period (1603–1868), when this was a common hairstyle.

From GA KIDS Colours July 2018