Snow Shapes

If you look closely, snowflakes may look like six-pointed stars. But do you know that they come in even more shapes? Here are some of them!

Columns and needles

Another common one, this snow crystal shape appears at around –6˚C. Due to their small size, columns and needles may look like small bits of white hair on your sleeves.


Stellar dendrites

The most recognisable crystals are quite large and common, so you can see them readily as they touch a dark surface. The perfect formation usually appears at about –15˚C.

Fern dendrites

The fern dendrites are easily the largest of all snow crystals. They can even measure up to 5mm in diameter!


Capped columns

Shaped like two wheels on a shaft, the capped columns are rare. This shape forms through different temperatures, from cold to colder.

Diamond dust

The smallest of snow crystals, this one has the shape of a hexagonal prism with a diameter similar to a human hair. Under the sunlight of a bitterly cold winter’s day, they look like glittery dust.