Under the Sea of Anambas


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Located in the Riau Islands province of Indonesia, Anambas is home to very rich marine resources. Here you will find a wealth of fisheries, mangrove forests and coral reefs. Let’s go there and explore the abundance of the sea!


Made famous by the characters in the animated film Finding Nemo, clownfish live inside sea anemones. The anemones’ tentacles are poisonous to most creatures, but not to clownfish the tentacles protect them from predators.


Coral reefs

Coral reefs are underwater ecosystems consisting of a group of coral species that form a structure of calcium carbonate or some kind of limestone. Coral reefs are so important for ensuring biodiversity in the sea that they are often referred to as ‘tropical forests’ in the ocean.



Although called ‘fish’, cuttlefish are not really fish but molluscs, and they can be found in almost all waters. These animals are also often referred to as squid, even though they are different cuttlefish are flat-bodied, while squid are cylindrical in shape.


Grouper fish

Grouper fish have characteristic spots on their bodies and are known to have good camouflage abilities, because they can adjust their body colour to the surrounding environment. Their colours vary from brown and red to grey and black.


Whale sharks

Whale sharks live in deep waters and are the largest fish in the world, with a weight of up to 20 tonnes. They are filter feeders that eat only plankton, fish eggs and small fish. Unique, right?


Napoleon fish

Napoleon fish are large reef fish measuring up to 2m long and weighing as much as 190kg. Wow, they are so big! Napoleon fish are mainly found on the coral reefs of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, and they have become a special attraction for divers.