#Digital Flavours

A look at food in the digital space, from the point of view of Indonesia’s most prolific online foodies.

Ombe Kofie


Working on my book #TokyoHonestGuide at my mobile office, and fuelling up with a freshly brewed cup of hot liquid creativity. Ombe Kofie is a pioneer of speciality coffee in North Jakarta, where you can expect a warm welcome, random conversations with strangers and a hug when you leave.

Martabak Asan


A street-food pilgrimage to Bandung is incomplete without a visit to this legendary purveyor of martabak tipis kering (a thin and crispy version of martabak). Martabak Asan has been feeding
foodies for more than 20 years.

Keep Your Words Soft


Keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them later. This is one of my attempts to let the artist in me speak out in a conceptual photo. I wanted to flesh out a concept as opposed
to simply capturing the moment the way I normally do as a blogger.

Tikala Manado Coffee House


At Tikala Coffee House in Manado locals gather, sit and muse about the latest goings-on in and around town. Everywhere I travel, I make an effort to appreciate things from the local perspective, and food is one of the easiest (and tastiest!) ways we can begin to understand a different culture.


Fellexandro Ruby

A food blogger and photographer, Jakarta-based Fellexandro Ruby prefers the term ‘food storyteller’. Food was his first passion and he has built his life around it. He began blogging six years ago and it gradually turned into a fully fledged career. Now he runs a wildly popular Instagram account and a professional food photography and video production company, Wanderbites, serving high-profile clientele across Indonesia. His secret to success in life: two servings of coffee. Manually brewed. Daily.