Cinta Laura Kiehl : Vision for Women’s Rights

Over the years Indonesian-German actress and singer Cinta Laura Kiehl has cultivated a great passion for women’s rights, as well as child protection. She was recently appointed ambassador of anti-violence against women and children by the Indonesian Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection.

Interview by Megiza

After eight years in the United States studying and pursuing a career in acting, Cinta is resuming her activities back in the Indonesian archipelago. She is no newcomer to the entertainment industry, as she released numerous songs at the beginning of her career, as well as playing roles in several films.

However, being an ambassador for a government organisation is a whole new world for the hard-working 26-year-old, especially championing causes that are important to her. As an ambassador, Cinta will be developing strategies to create awareness throughout the country regarding how women and children can seek help when subject to injustice.

Because of the new role, as well as the promotion of her music and films, Cinta will be spending more time in Indonesia than abroad. After a seven-year hiatus from the music industry, the Columbia University alumna has just released a new single, Vida, meaning ‘life’ in Spanish. In the music video, Cinta, who mostly listens to reggaeton, afropop, and baile funk songs, dons eight different looks with the help of her stylist Alva Susilo and the rest of
the video team.

Cinta recorded Vida in Stockholm in March, alongside three other songs that will be released subsequently, after an extensive promotional tour for Vida.

One week before the official ambassador appointment, we meet Cinta at her apartment in Casablanca, South Jakarta. Despite the windy weather during our photo session, Cinta remains full of enthusiasm and gratitude in relation to her new role.

“I definitely feel very grateful that they have appointed me as their ambassador. Obviously, I’m only one person. However, I hope through the power that I have in influencing people, I can create great awareness regarding this matter,” she says.

Cinta cites the case of Baiq Nuril, who had been sentenced to jail for recording a phone call with her boss to prove he was sexually harassing her. Amid a public outcry, Nuril appealed to the Indonesian President Joko Widodo,
who granted her amnesty in July.

“Whether it’s someone like Baiq Nuril or children who are living in an unstable household, we should have the right laws and regulations strictly implemented in order to really protect vulnerable people,” she says.

Moreover, Cinta has been inspired by the #MeToo movement that has gained global recognition. She points to the presence of strong laws and regulations to protect women and children in most developed countries.

“All women deserve to have the same protection, no matter which country they’re from. Part of my heritage is Indonesian and I live here, hence I have such strong ties to this country. I want to participate in the movement in Kiehl Indonesia to help women and children feel safe and to attain the rights they deserve,” she adds.

In eight years of travelling between Jakarta, New York, and other world capitals, Cinta has flown regularly with Garuda Indonesia. “The airline is always reliable, I always feel very safe, and I love the hospitality,” she says, as we finish our meeting.