Freddy Harris Proud of Garuda Indonesia

For Freddy Harris, travelling to a city or country which happens quite often is not just part of his job as the Director General of Intellectual Property (DGIP) Ministry of Law and Human Rights. It goes beyond travelling in fact, he supports Garuda Indonesia as the national flag carrier.

Interview by Vega Probo

“I am proud of Garuda Indonesia. So as much as possible, for business and personal affairs, I fly with our national flag carrier,” Freddy says. “I encourage, even push a little bit, state employees and state officials in leadership positions to fly with the national flag carrier. That way, it will promote the airline as well.”

Freddy was sworn in as DGIP by Minister of Law and Human Rights Yasonna Hamonangan Laoly at the end of November 2017. His job, besides improving services in patents and brands, is to manage human resources in his office and to speed up the systems of information technology in Intellectual Property (IP).

During his tenure, Freddy is committed to making his office “the best IP office in the world”. He also deploys digital security systems by applying barcode and security certificates authorised by the State Cyber and Code Agency on every Intellectual Property Rights certificate, including patents, brands, and industrial designs, as well as copyrights.

Recently, during a business trip to Geneva, Switzerland, in order to attend the 59th World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Freddy flew with Garuda Indonesia on the Jakarta–Amsterdam route, then continued with KLM on the Amsterdam–Geneva route. Freddy did this as part of his mission to help grow awareness of state-owned enterprises.

Moreover, Freddy also knows that Garuda Indonesia has good services. As a Platinum GarudaMiles member, he gains many benefits, especially mileage point bonuses. “I could reach 500,000!” he exclaims. “What is fun is that the bonus can be used not only by me alone, but also by the rest of my family, and even for social donations.”

Hong Kong is Freddy’s favourite tourist destination, but recently he has been going to Japan a lot. “My favourite spots are Don Quijote, a convenience store, and Asakusa for its delectable ningyo-yaki cake that is similar to cubit cake here.” In Indonesia, Freddy loves going to Yogyakarta to visit one of his children who is studying there.

In the future, Freddy hopes Garuda Indonesia’s amenities will get even better and even more impressive, as is expected of a five-star airline. “In general, Garuda Indonesia services are outstanding, including the traditional Indonesian menu,” Freddy says. “As the services get better and better, I believe customers will become even more loyal to it.”