Pulutan Ceramics

For many centuries, earthenware crafts from Pulutan village in Minahasa District, North Sulawesi, have been widely known for their high quality. One of their secrets lies in the raw material, consisting of local clay and other materials imported from Java: kaolin, talc and vesper. A mixture is formed, then fired at a high temperature.

Pottery making as a tradition in Pulutan village and its surrounds dates back to the Neolithic era; various ancient objects, including clay jars, have been found by the Manado Archaeological Centre. Today, craftspeople use machines as well as age-old techniques to improve the quality so that their products are worthy of being exported.

Interestingly, tourists visit Pulutan not only to buy finished products or to observe the process of potterymaking, but also to order bespoke ware featuring motifs or shapes of their choosing.