Good Night, Sleep Tight

Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day with these great bedding products.


At first glance, the Withings Aura smart alarm may appear like any other lamp on the market, but it is designed with an optimised colour scheme and the ability to track your sleeping patterns, breathing and heart rate. This device also comes with a sound-effects feature that could help you get the good sleep you need.



Lighting Science

Light affects the quality of your sleep more than you may be aware. The GoodNight LED light, first developed for NASA astronauts in the International Space Station, helps your body produce the necessary melatonin hormones to enable a good night’s sleep.



Bedgear’s Balance series offers a cool effect on the surface of its pillows that promises maximum comfort. With adjustable foam, you’re guaranteed to sleep well in any position.


King Koil

The Ergo-Pedic ™ Matress lets you adjust the shape and position of your bed base according to your preference. The mattress comes with a remote control, which allows you to watch television or do just about anything from the comfort of your bed.