McLaren 600LT

When it comes to statement-making race-ready cars, McLaren lands itself firmly among the top candidates for pole position. Its new lightweight 600LT is the fourth in the family to carry the ‘Longtail’ title that continues McLaren’s lineage of the purest race cars in automotive history. The 600LT is a showcase of optimised aerodynamics, reduced weight and sheer power that propels its 3.8l twin-turbo to exhilarating speeds. Despite being slightly longer than the 570S, the 600LT is lighter, with weight savings coming from the restyled bodywork and lighter top-exit pipes replacing the twin rear exhausts of the 570S with a top-mounted exhaust next to the engine. With a strictly limited production, the 600LT is worth the anticipation, delivering an absolute headturner of a car on and off the track.