Radical Des


Inspired by the Golden Robot of the 1950s, the second-generation Mr. Roboto, R2, aims to revive the passion of the tin robot generation of enthusiasts and enduring science fiction lovers. The R2 is hooked up with a brand new heart: an Azimuth- developed movement beating at a rate of 28,800 vph. And it has a mystery sapphire automatic rotor that is enlarged to ensure the power reserve is ramped up fast to its peak efficiency to perform its robotic task of precision time-keeping.



Back in the 1970s, the London punk scene came to epitomise youth culture. This limited Punk M-Series is clothed in a leather jacket animation ring decorated with three punk studs. Gothic roman numerals taken from London’s iconic Big Ben display the time, while the special-edition leather strap recalls punk fashion with steel reinforced eyelets, Tartan detailing and a Union Jack tongue.



Inspired by postmodern architecture and deconstructivism, the three-dimensional case of the Vortex Primary showcases faceted structures embellished with coloured glass that allow a view of the complex movement from all sides. Recalling the splendour of stained-glass windows, this state-of-the-art case is crafted out of black PVD-coated grade-five titanium and highlights a total of 19 different-coloured glass panels of red ruby, blue spinel, yellow corundum and sapphire, creating an eye-catching mosaic of shades.