Tanjung Lesung


Tucked away along the serene and secluded West coast of Java, Tanjung Lesung offers visitors a scenic 13 km shoreline with impressive views of the majestic volcanic mountain of Krakatau. With pristine beaches, great snorkelling, swimming and diving spots, Tanjung Lesung is a favourite weekend getaway for Jakartans. As part of a natural reseve, the area allows for nature to thrive, with a rich biodiversity on/off-land and underwater. In total there 49 luxury villas and 61 luxury cottages in Tanjung Lesung, completed with modern amenities and facilities, including 24-hour room service, beachfront bar and restaurant, private pool, children pool and ocean-facing pool, cycling track, water sports equipment and much more. Popular destinations nearby like Krakatau mountain, and Ujung Kulon National Park (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) are an excellent day-trip away.