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Toja Bobu performance in Sikka village


Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, December 26

Toja Bobu is a dance-drama performance that was first introduced to the Sikka people by the Portuguese. Traditionally performed on December 26, Toja Bobu tells the story of a beautiful young princess courted by a variety of bachelors. www.florestourism.com






Galungan, Bali, December 25–27

During Galungan, the streets of Bali are lined with ornate bamboo poles called penjor, which are symbols of gratitude and prosperity. The most important feast for Balinese Hindus, Galungan is a celebration of the triumph of good over evil. Devotees honour the creator of the universe and spirits of ancestors through prayers and offerings at family shrines and village temples. www.baliindonesia.com


Reba ceremony in Tololela village


Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, December 28–30

Every year, the Ngada people of Central Flores celebrate Reba to express gratitude and show respect to God and the ancestors for a good harvest and abundance. The ceremony lasts three full days and nights, with dancing, music and sacred ritual practices. www.florestourism.com