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Tahura Trail Running Race 2019, Bandung, January 19–20

Coursing through the Ir. H. Juanda Forest Park in the highlands of Bandung, West Java, the Tahura Trail Running Race presents exhilarating yet challenging routes over different terrains. Runners can take part in five race categories: the 42K marathon, 21K half marathon, 17K long course, 10K short course and the family trail run.


Super Blood Moon, January 21

The year 2019 starts with an exciting astronomical event: a rare super blood moon; that is, a total lunar eclipse during a supermoon. The phenomenon begins at around 2am, reaching its peak at around 5am, when the Moon turns a reddish orange at its closest distance to Earth, before ending at 7am.  www.infoastronomy.org



Tour d’Indonesia 2019, Central Java, January 21–25

The Tour d’Indonesia, a 2.1 Union Cycliste Internationale race, returns, this time with five stages. The race covers a distance of more than 850km from the UNESCO World Heritage Site Prambanan Temple in Yogyakarta to Gianyar, Bali.  www.icf.id



Siwaratri, Bali, January 24

Every year, Balinese Hindus celebrate Siwaratri, or ‘Night of Siwa’, to honour the god Shiva. Siwaratri begins with prayers and offerings performed at the family’s house temple before daybreak. This is followed by the Siwaratri brata, or self-restrictions, which include silence, fasting and meditation.