Tiny People, Big Places
  • Three Cliffs Bay, Wales, UK
    This is a great spot on the Gower Peninsula on the Welsh coast. As happens often, this project required some patience. My friend and fellow photographer Samuel Ryan walked out into my shot to take in the view from the cliff edge. I waited for him to take up a placement in the frame as the last hour of light burst through the clouds with a warm evening glow.


Daniel Alford

A landscape and travel photographer from Wales, Daniel’s background in the arts and natural history act as the foundation and inspiration for his work. His images have gained a following of many thousands on social media after he was featured as a suggested user by Instagram. Daniel’s work has since been featured in a number of print and online publications and has taken him to amazing places around the world. You can follow Daniel on Instagram at @danielalford_ or follow his work on

Venice Carnival, Italy by Susanne Kremer - Colours Indonesia PHOTO EDITOR:

February 2017

Relationship, Indonesia by Parnupong Norasethkamol - Colours Indonesia PHOTO EDITOR:

January 2017

Entwined Lives, Indonesia, by Tim Laman - Colours Indonesia PHOTO EDITOR:

December 2016


November 2016

gyeongbokgung palace PHOTO EDITOR:

October 2016


September 2016

Warm Smile, Indonesia   by Henry Sudarman 
The annual Jember Fashion Carnaval, now in its 15th year, takes place on August 24–28. Participants design and create spectacular costumes that are showcased along a 3.6km catwalk. This year’s theme is  ‘Revival Indonesia’. PHOTO EDITOR:

August 2016

The Sea of Immortality, Indonesia    byMark Eveleigh 
The summit of Borobudur boasts  72 lattice-like stupas, each containing  a life-sized statue of Buddha. PHOTO EDITOR:

July 2016

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Mandatory Credit: Photo by Kurit Afsheen/Solent News/REX/Shutterstock (5623680h)
The crocodile and damselfly
Damselfly sits in crocodile's open mouth, Jakarta, Indonesia - Mar 2016
*Full story:
A green damselfly decides to rest on a dangerous perch - a young crocodile's open jaw. The female crocodile was sunning itself when a brave insect decided to land on the reptile's head before moving down to its snout. Despite the crocodile opening its mouth as she changed position, the damselfly used it as a chance to explore and climbed inside before making a quick escape. Graphic designer Kurit Afsheen spotted the crocodile lying on a log in Tanjung Pasir, Indonesia when the damselfly flew close by. The 34-year-old, of Jakarta, Indonesia, said: "The baby crocodile was about 30cm long and two months old. She was lying down when a damselfly came. "I do not think the insect realised he had landed on something that could potentially eat him! "The crocodile was only disrupted by the damselfly when it passed through his eyes. PHOTO EDITOR:

June 2016