Indonesian Cultural Dance
  • Kecak Dance, Bali - Colours Indonesia
    Kecak Dance, Bali
    The Kecak, or fire dance, is always an amazing spectacle, but it’s a challenge to photograph, with a combination of low light, explosions of fire and fast action. I was very happy with this photo, as I was able to catch all of this, and especially the drama of the moment and the look of intensity on the man’s face. The boys in the background are not in focus as this could distract from the main subject, but they still remain visible. For this result, positioning was very important (not too close to the fire!), as well as taking many images with a fast shutter speed.


David Metcalf

David Metcalf is a resident of Bali and has been travelling, writing and photographing throughout Indonesia for the past decade. David has held several exhibitions in Jakarta and Bali since 2002. He opened Taksu Photo Gallery in Ubud, Bali, in 2015 and uses the power of photography to educate and encourage positive social change. David leads photography tours to Bali and Java, the USA, Myanmar, India and other destinations. He is involved in many projects in Kalimantan supporting Dayak culture and the environment.