The Archipelago Journal: Nias

Jealously guarded for decades as a ‘secret spot’ by surfers, Nias Island as a whole seems to have been entirely overlooked by other travellers. Colours heads to Indonesia’s wild west to see what the country’s hidden ‘surfer’s paradise’ really has to offer. (more…)


Nicknamed ‘Kota Industri’, Batam has earned a reputation as a business centre and duty-free shopping haven. Mark Eveleigh visits Singapore’s closest island neighbour and discovers that ‘The Industrial City’ has a few surprises in store.

Family Travel in Asia: Kuala Lumpur

With summer and school holidays just around the corner, make the most of your time off and spend it with family. In this special feature, Colours travels to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Tokyo to help you discover the best places for family adventures. (more…)

Family Travel in Asia: Singapore

With summer and school holidays just around the corner, make the most of your time off and spend it with family. In this special feature, Colours travels to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Tokyo to help you discover the best places for family adventures.


Ulos, Fabric of Sumatra

The handwoven ulos fabric of North Sumatra is an integral part of the traditional Batak community, with the cloth being used in significant religious and cultural events.

Aston Martin DB11

The 2016 Geneva Auto Show came with a big announcement from British luxury automaker Aston Martin: the unveiling of its first all-new vehicle since the 2004 DB9.