Anantara Seminyak

A luxurious beachfront resort, Anantara Seminyak unveils decadent accommodation in close proximity to the trendy hot spots on the south coast of Bali.

Tanjung Lesung

Tucked away along the serene and secluded West coast of Java, Tanjung Lesung offers visitors a scenic 13 km shoreline with impressive views of the majestic volcanic mountain of Krakatau.


If you believe everything you read, Myanmar – or Burma, as some prefer to call it – has been having its moment every year since its initial opening-up by the former military regime in 2011.


Labuan Bajo

The town of Labuan Bajo – described by Lonely Planet as ‘Indonesia’s next big eco-travel hotspot’ – has become a springboard to adventure for modern-day travellers. (more…)


A journey to Ternate is a visit to the remnants of a formerly thriving spice trade, a current look at volcanic beauty and a future promise to see something special from this month’s spectacular solar eclipse.