Light-painting Calligraphy

Light-painting Calligraphy
  • The Movement
    This is the first light calligraphy that David and I created together at the French commune of Abbaretz. We were struggling to create anything satisfying. After about four hours of shooting with less than desirable results, David suggested, “Why don’t we try this place with the stars behind us?” I decided to improvise an abstract calligraphy to complement the nature. Thirty minutes later we came away with this shot and wrapped up the first of many collaborations to come.


Julien Breton

Julien Breton, aka Kaalam, started doing calligraphy in 2001. He began by developing an original Latin alphabet inspired by the Arabic aesthetic. In 2007 he discovered light-painting and started working with photographer David Gallard. Together they travelled across the world to capture unique backgrounds for each light-calligraphy work. In 2011, they created the company Turn Off the Light, where they mix dance, music and light-calligraphy live on stage.