Callanish Shadows, Isle of Lewis, by Wojciech Kruczynski - Colours Indonesia

Landscape Photographer of the Year

Landscape Photographer of the Year
  • Binnein Beag through Steall, Scottish Highlands, by Scott Robertson - Colours Indonesia
    Binnein Beag through Steall, Scottish Highlands, by Scott Robertson (Judge’s Choice – Charlie Waite)
    The feeling here is not of threat but of a benign, docile, almost ‘living being’. The superb juxtaposition of triangles and diagonals all interlocking with one another brings great aesthetic pleasure. The small splash of light illuminating the gorge below is critical as the role of the foreground is as to support and to cradle the mountain beyond. Had this foreground been black and featureless, the image would not have worked so well.


Charlie Waite

Highly acclaimed landscape photographic artist Charlie Waite has contributed considerably to bringing landscape photography to a wider and more appreciative audience. For the last 25 years, Waite has lectured extensively throughout the UK and Europe, held numerous exhibitions around the world, which include a one-man show on Broadway in New York in April 2001, and published more than 30 books on the topic, including the best-selling The Making of Landscape Photographs.

Tiny People, Big Places

Tiny People, Big Places
  • Three Cliffs Bay, Wales, UK
    This is a great spot on the Gower Peninsula on the Welsh coast. As happens often, this project required some patience. My friend and fellow photographer Samuel Ryan walked out into my shot to take in the view from the cliff edge. I waited for him to take up a placement in the frame as the last hour of light burst through the clouds with a warm evening glow.


Daniel Alford

A landscape and travel photographer from Wales, Daniel’s background in the arts and natural history act as the foundation and inspiration for his work. His images have gained a following of many thousands on social media after he was featured as a suggested user by Instagram. Daniel’s work has since been featured in a number of print and online publications and has taken him to amazing places around the world.
You can follow Daniel on Instagram at @danielalford_ or follow his work on