Temple Reliefs - Colours Indonesia

The Temples of Indonesia

The Temples of Indonesia
  • Prambanan - Colours Indonesia
    Constructed in the 10th century, the Prambanan Temple is a structure showcasing the glory of Hinduism in Java. Located near the centre of Yogyakarta, the temple is best photographed just before sunset. To capture the beauty of the reddish light illuminating the temple, I snapped some images from outside using the surrounding trees as a natural frame. Since it was very busy, I had to roam around the temple complex to get different angles.

Barry Kusuma

Barry Kusuma is a travel photographer and videographer based in Jakarta. His photographs focus on overlooked themes of nature and culture. Barry was recognised by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism as a Creative Tourism Ambassador for the creative ways in which he shares his photos and videos through social media, and he is a photo and video contributor for Getty Images.

Ketemu besan - Colours Indonesia

Visual Anthropology

Visual Anthropology
  • Pak Pono, the mask maker - Colours Indonesia
    Pak Pono, the mask maker
    Pak Pono is one of the last great carving masters of topeng mask art in Yogyakarta. He is also an expert choreographer and dance teacher, continuing the family tradition of his late grandfather, Empu Warnowaskito, who made masks for the last three Hamengkubuwono Kings of the Royal Palace (Keraton) of the Yogyakarta Sultanate. He is seen here in the role of the evil King Prabu Klono, archenemy of Prince Panji. Kasongan village, Bantul regency, Yogyakarta.


Diego Zapatero

Diego Zapatero lives in Yogyakarta, the cultural cradle of Java, Indonesia. At the age of 25, he migrated into photographic work from his background as a pianist and composer after a career in marketing administration. He was led progressively towards his passion for cultural exploration, at the same time pushed by a keen interest in Indonesian culture. In his work, he travels Southeast Asia to seek out the most genuine stories to substantiate his photo projects.


Kalimantan - Colours Indonesia

Indonesian Cultural Dance

Indonesian Cultural Dance
  • Kecak Dance, Bali - Colours Indonesia
    Kecak Dance, Bali
    The Kecak, or fire dance, is always an amazing spectacle, but it’s a challenge to photograph, with a combination of low light, explosions of fire and fast action. I was very happy with this photo, as I was able to catch all of this, and especially the drama of the moment and the look of intensity on the man’s face. The boys in the background are not in focus as this could distract from the main subject, but they still remain visible. For this result, positioning was very important (not too close to the fire!), as well as taking many images with a fast shutter speed.


David Metcalf

David Metcalf is a resident of Bali and has been travelling, writing and photographing throughout Indonesia for the past decade. David has held several exhibitions in Jakarta and Bali since 2002. He opened Taksu Photo Gallery in Ubud, Bali, in 2015 and uses the power of photography to educate and encourage positive social change. David leads photography tours to Bali and Java, the USA, Myanmar, India and other destinations. He is involved in many projects in Kalimantan supporting Dayak culture and the environment.

Light-painting Calligraphy

Light-painting Calligraphy
  • The Movement
    This is the first light calligraphy that David and I created together at the French commune of Abbaretz. We were struggling to create anything satisfying. After about four hours of shooting with less than desirable results, David suggested, “Why don’t we try this place with the stars behind us?” I decided to improvise an abstract calligraphy to complement the nature. Thirty minutes later we came away with this shot and wrapped up the first of many collaborations to come.


Julien Breton

Julien Breton, aka Kaalam, started doing calligraphy in 2001. He began by developing an original Latin alphabet inspired by the Arabic aesthetic. In 2007 he discovered light-painting and started working with photographer David Gallard. Together they travelled across the world to capture unique backgrounds for each light-calligraphy work. In 2011, they created the company Turn Off the Light, where they mix dance, music and light-calligraphy live on stage.


Kelotok Sunset on the Sekonyer River - Colours Indonesia

Tanjung Puting in Pictures

Tanjung Puting in Pictures
  • Portrait of a Mother and Baby Orangutan - Colours Indonesia
    Portrait of a Mother and Baby Orangutan
    For many visitors to Camp Leakey, the first glimpse of one of the resident orangutans is Tutu, the eldest matriarch. As she is one of the most photographed of all the orangutans of Tanjung Puting, I was looking for a moment that would capture the quiet dignity of this incredible animal.


Tommy Schultz

Tommy Schultz is a travel and adventure photographer who has been based in Asia since 2004. His photography and writing have been published by National Geographic, Patagonia, The Surfer’s Journal, The North Face, The World  Wildlife Fund, Delta Airlines, Korean Airlines and Garuda Indonesia, and he recently made his television debut as  a judge on the History Channel’s Photo Face Off show. Based in Bali for much of the year, Tommy is inspired by the  beauty and diversity of the archipelago, exploring the world’s best surf spots and dive destinations with his camera.