Travel Trends


  • Brussels - Late spring is a great time to stroll around Brussels and admire the Belgian capital’s glorious architecture, which spans centuries of rich history and culture.
  • Explore Banyuwangi - With national parks full of curious wildlife, a forest out of a fantasy movie and beautiful beaches where you can watch the sun rise and set, Banyuwangi in East Java is becoming a must-see destination.
  • In Love With Prague - If you were asked to design a theme-park town for St Valentine’s Day, you might think of twisted Gothic spires and Renaissance palaces fit for a princess.
  • North Halmahera - Things are sometimes not what they seem in Halmahera. The great cone of Mt Mamuya looms like a gigantic pyramid behind Tobelo town, looking like a picture-perfect volcanic backdrop.
  • Baubau - I arrive at Betoambari Airport in Baubau just before midday after a flight from Makassar that took less than an hour. If travelling by sea, the distance between the two cities can be covered in half a day.


  • Mercedes AMG C63S - Mercedes-Benz never fails to deliver pleasant surprises with the launch of each of its products.
  • Lexus ES 350 - The 2017 Lexus ES 350 is a popular choice when it comes to entry-level luxury sedans for many reasons.
  • Good Night, Sleep Tight - Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day with these great bedding products.
  • Travel with Style - The right gear to maximise your travel experience.
  • Art Smart - Look sharp and smart this season in these bold yet muted tones.