Brain Power

The human brain is the most advanced and complex part of our biology. Here are some amazing facts about your grey matter.

Despite only weighing an average of 1.5kg, representing just 2% of the total average body weight, the human brain consumes 20% of the body’s energy – more than any other organ in the human body!

20% sounds like a lot of energy. But that only represents about 10 to 25 watts, or just enough energy to power a lightbulb. The brain is incredibly efficient  for such a highly complex organ.

Practice really does make perfect because it strengthens neural pathways. If you’re not good at maths, start practising. Chances are, you’ll get better. If you don’t do something very often, the pathways become weak. Imagine an old pathway filled with grass and weeds.


The basic building blocks of the brain are called neurons. Your neurons are joined by tiny pathways or roads. When you do something a lot – like riding your bike – the pathways in your brain that send messages about bike riding are strengthened.

Keep your brain healthy by eating plenty of healthy foods like fish, fresh fruits and vegetables. Exercise your brain by learning new things and trying to remember them. Adequate sleep and exercise also help keep your mind sharp. So stay active and rest well to get smarter every day.