Fastest Animal in The World

How fast can you run? These animals are the fastest in the world.


Top speed: 145 kph
The horsefly is staggeringly fast for such a tiny creature – it’s the fastest insect in the world.

Black Marlin

Top speed: 132 kph
Yes, fish are fast too! Black marlin can swim at speeds of up to 36m per second.

Peregrine Falcon

Top speed: 389 kph
Faster than a Ferrari, the peregrine falcon is the fastest bird and the overall fastest animal of the entire animal kingdom. It reaches maximum speed by soaring to great heights and then steeply diving down to catch unsuspecting prey.


Top speed: 120 kph
The fastest land mammal on earth, cheetahs can accelerate up to 96kph in under three seconds, but they can only run for about 60 seconds at a time before having to stop and rest.

Bearded Dragon

Top speed: 40 kph
Not actually a dragon but a lizard, the bearded dragon is a good climber in addition to being very fast, despite what its appearance might suggest.