Kids’ Guide to Venice

Venice is a historical city of adventure. Have a great time exploring the labyrinth of streets and piazzas, shimmering canals and endless bridges.

Sweets of Venice

Throughout the year, all kinds of flavours of gelato (ice cream) are available. In cold weather, hot chocolate with whipped cream is the drink to enjoy. Venice has a sweet tooth, and there are lots of different pastries to try.


Venice is packed with churches, many decorated with paintings by Venetian artists, but a favourite church is the exquisite Santa Maria dei Miracoli in the Castello Sestiere. The church is covered inside and out with lovely pastel-coloured marble.

Lions of Venice

The primary patron saint of Venice is St Mark, and his body is buried in the great Basilica of San Marco. St Mark is represented as a winged lion, with his paw on an open book, the Gospel. Wherever you go in Venice, look for the winged lion in all sorts of places – emblazoned on the red-and-gold flag of Venice, statues, fountains, door handles, bronze gates, and church sculptures; even gondolas and cannons are festooned with the lion.

Piazza San Marco

The heart of Venice beats at Piazza San Marco, the centre of the city for more than a millennium. Since the founding of Venice, the doge’s (ducal leader’s) house, the church of St Mark and the bell tower (campanile) have been landmarks.


Gondola rides usually last about an hour, and night time is an especially magical time. Gondolas hold six people, and there are plenty of places to pick one up throughout the city.