Behind The Scenes with Dimas, Davy and Eko


The new campaign tells the story of the tireless spirit, passion to serve and top-class service quality that is consistently presented through the collaboration of thousands of Garuda Indonesia employees – cabin crews, pilots, chefs, ticketing staff, lounge staff, mechanics, line maintenance and more – all working in harmony to perfect each and every passenger journey.

“Our efforts have been proven through achievements such as ‘The World’s Best Cabin Crew’ for three consecutive years and being named one of only eight certified 5-Star Airlines in the world for two consecutive years by Skytrax. With this campaign we want to show Garuda Indonesia’s inner strength, which is our people, and how Garuda Indonesia’s employees harmonise with the beauty of Indonesian culture,” said Director of Commerical at PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk., A. Toni Soetirto.


Garuda Indonesia selected three top Indonesian creatives, namely Dimas Djayadiningrat as director, Davy Linggar as director of photography, and Eko Supriyanto as choreographer. Their task
was to to translate the campaign concept that Garuda Indonesia wanted to deliver in the form of a beautiful, symbolic and captivating motion picture.

Dimas Djayadiningrat is one of the biggest names in the Indonesian film and music industry. He started out as an album art cover designer and music video director, winning awards and high-profile recognition along the way. Gradually he shifted his creative focus to the world of commercial work and filmmaking and has directed many successful local films and countless TVCs, and remains passionately creative, as shown in his confident direction and output of the ‘Hands’ campaign.

“I was mainly inspired by Garuda Indonesia itself as an airline, and the simple idea of reflecting the genuine warmth, politeness and hospitality of the Indonesian people, which is shown by the personal service of Garuda Indonesia’s staff,” explained Dimas.


“What’s really unique about this new TVC campaign is the fact that we’re shooting it as a piece of contemporary performance art, working with real Garuda Indonesia cabin crews. This is something that’s quite bold and different in the world of airline TVCs and it’s such a privilege for me to be part of this progressive and artistic move by Garuda Indonesia.”

Davy Linggar is a well-known fashion photographer and painter, who in 2013 received the ‘Anugerah Fotografi Indonesia’ award from the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy. Last year Davy held his third solo exhibition, entitled ‘FILM’, which documents Indonesian art talents. “As director of photography my job was to work closely with Dimas in making technical
and artistic decisions, such as selecting different cameras and different lenses, and framing the shots in a way that captures his vision. Needless to say, I’m honoured to be involved in this new Garuda Indonesia TVC,” Davy expressed.


Eko Supriyanto is no stranger to the international dance scene. He earned his MFA in Dance and Choreography from UCLA and a Fulbright Scholarship to complete his doctorate on Performance
Studies. He was also a principal dancer on Madonna’s Drowned World Tour and a dance consultant for Julie Taymor’s Broadway production of The Lion King. Despite his international achievements, Eko Supriyanto remains committed to his Indonesian roots, dedicating his most recent works to projects that promote and celebrate Indonesian culture and traditional Indonesian dance.

“As an Indonesian I am always proud to connect with others who are passionate about this nation, including Garuda Indonesia who I always fly with. I fly Garuda Indonesia not only for the comfort of the aircraft, but also the genuine smiles and charming service of the cabin crew, which make me feel peaceful. I have been a loyal Garuda Indonesia passenger and so I do believe in the ‘Hands’ campaign and was very enthusiastic to convey the message behind this campaign and develop the choreography.”


“At first I was concerned about the short amount of time we had. But after introducing some of the Indonesian dance basics, rehearsals became smooth and fun. It was creatively energising to draw influence from the wealth of Indonesian dances that our country has, from Balinese dance, Javanese dance, North Maluku dance, Minang style of dance and more. Some simple movements came from our own exploration, but the final result perfectly portrays the elegant simplicity and intelligence of the Garuda Indonesia cabin crew.”

“In the end, working with Garuda Indonesia’s cabin crew and staff was such a joy for me. They are really fast learners and just as eager as me to make this work into something profound. I am very proud and honoured to have worked with them and present this piece of work, which was a true collaboration.”

Through hard work and routine dance rehearsals, a creative chemistry was established between Dimas, Davy, Eko and Garuda Indonesia’s cabin crews, pilots, chefs, ticketing staff, lounge staff, mechanics, line maintenance, and all other teams involved, leading to the successful production of this new ‘Hands’ TVC. Watch the new TVC now on the official Garuda Indonesia YouTube channel.