Gilles Marx: Culinary Magic

Star Chef Gilles Marx is set to present an exceptional culinary experience aboard Garuda Indonesia flights with modified dishes from his acclaimed repertoire. Marx shares his journey in the culinary world with Colours.

Interview Fikri Zaki Muhammadi

A new benchmark in premium air travel has been set with the introduction of Garuda Indonesia’s innovative Star Chefs’ Signature Dishes On Board programme, exclusively for First Class and Business Class passengers. As part of the programme Chef Marx will serve his signature dishes, which uniquely marry modern French cuisine with Indonesian flavours, resulting in delectable creations such as steamed barramundi fish fillet with ginger rice and lime coconut sauce. With expert execution on each dish, Garuda Indonesia passengers are in for a memorable 5-star dining experience in the sky.


Raised in the sweeping countryside of France, Chef Marx has always been attracted to the culinary world due to his belief that everyone deserves the finest and healthiest meal every time they eat. Raised by parents who were excellent cooks, and also having grandparents from both sides who were farmers, young Marx had everything he ate prepared at home with ingredients taken directly from his grandparents’ backyard. For him nothing was special about his daily meals, and he presumed every kid in France had the same. But when he started going to high school and had his lunch prepared by the school canteen, he realised just how special his home-made meals were, and it became a turning point for exploring the secrets of gastronomy.


“I realised that it’s much better at home. That’s why I started to become interested in what’s going on in the kitchen,” he reminisced. The importance of the ingredients, the cooking process, and the passion put in the cooking would be reflected in the food. At the age 14 he started a two-year apprenticeship, in which half of the time was spent at a restaurant and the other half was spent at school. With the successful apprenticeship he obtained a diploma, and began his journey as a professional chef. Marx’s learning curve continues, now spanning 30 years, and includes working for several Michelin-starred restaurants in Alsace, Lyon, Burgundy and Paris, as well as overseas in Australia and Indonesia, all of which offered new experiences, ingredients and techniques for him to hone his art.


Marx is founder-chef of AMUZ Restaurant, located in downtown Jakarta since 2010. In the capital city, he also runs a catering company called APREZ, as well as Auroz Bistro Grill and Artoz Bar & Lounge. After being appointed Garuda Indonesia’s Star Chef, Marx said he was very honoured. “I can use [the appointment] to showcase my food, to showcase a little bit of Indonesia to travellers,” he said. “I am very proud of that and I’m taking it very seriously.” Considering the importance of food to Marx, one can imagine the detail and passion he puts into every dish. He offers a fine cuisine on board, prepared with premium-quality products and in a very specific way, elevating the passengers’ journey to a new level.

“Since we need to eat every day, we might as well eat the best food we can, every day,” said the Star Chef, who revealed he does not have a particular favourite dish to cook or eat; his love of food is about exploring, experimenting and experiencing new flavours.