Personal Touch

Give your look some personal flair with these unique fashion statements.


Macro octagon-print nylon and technical fabric backpack with Saffiano leather handle and trim. Polished steel hardware, nylon lining and an adjustable strap make this ultra-chic bag equally durable and functional.



Sneakers in velvet goatskin,technical canvas and calfskin.Tapered black rubber sole with white foam insert at the front and strips of leather at the rear bring together style, comfort and luxury in this desirable pair of sneakers.


Dolce & Gabbana

The rose, an iconic floral graphic in many fashion houses’ collections, takes on new life this season through luxurious prints and embroideries that are reminiscent of Sicilian baroque art.




The latest timepiece in the Vantage watch line, this model has a fresh appeal with its sleek all-black casing in laser-coated rainbow glass. With its square face and curved casing, this three-hand watch fits as comfortably on the wrist as a glove. Available in Indonesia at Watch Studio.