Biomedical Photography
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    Cart Surfaces
    This picture features the articulating surfaces of a human joint. The small amount of tissue – prepared for microscopic examination by a histologist – was 7µm thick. To increase visibility, the sample was stained with special dyes. I then photographed the sample using darkfield illumination, revealing how the surfaces and the cartilage are organised. When using darkfield methods, certain structures become dramatic. Elements in the sample will glow against a dark background as a result of the lighting. The object was magnified 40 times by the microscope in this picture.


Michael Peres

Michael Peres is a professor of biomedical photographic communications. He teaches scientific photography at Rochester Institute of Technology, USA. Michael has been photographing using a microscope for more than 40 years. He is an award-winning educator, author, scientist and photographer. In December 2016, he published the reference book Laboratory Imaging and Photography. His photomicrographs have been featured in Time, the CNN Blog, Time Light Box, Popular Photography, the Weather Channel and many others.