Geometry Seekers
  • La Muralla Roja, Calpe, Spain
    Taking pictures at La Muralla Roja (one of Ricardo Bofill’s most iconic works) is an absolute delight for anyone who loves pastel colours as much as we do. Catching the sun rising from this maze of geometric stairways is a dream come true! Can you believe this place is actually a residential building and not the bonus level of a platform video game?

Daniel Rueda and Anna Devís

Daniel Rueda and Anna Devís are two very imaginative photographers from Spain. The duo use photography to tell stories, each one embedded in a light, playful snapshot. Their unique style features humour, creativity, precision and an amazing aesthetic inspired by architecture, geometry and minimalism. Their list of clients includes internationally acclaimed brands such as Facebook, Netflix, Coca-Cola, Swatch, Smart and many more. Find @drcuerda and @anniset on Instagram.