People and Places
  • Yuanyang, China
    The rice terraces of Yuanyang are my favourite place to photograph in the country. Waking up early and walking to the terraces for sunrise is a magical experience, with the sky reflected in the water-filled terraces below. I captured this farmer walking back from a day’s work, with a basket of ducks on his back.

Jordan Hammon

Jordan Hammon is a freelance travel photographer from the UK. He discovered a passion for photography while living and working in China, and eventually decided to pursue photography full time. He travels constantly around the world, taking on client projects for some of the biggest travel brands around, including Royal Caribbean, Hong Kong Tourism Board, STA Travel and more. His instantly recognisable bright, vibrant images beautifully portray the places he experiences and the people that he meets, and he actively encourages more people to explore and travel.