Fluid Beauty: Indonesia’s Lakes

Fluid Beauty: Indonesia’s Lakes
Lake Beratan, Bali
The famous Ulun Danu Beratan Temple floating on Lake Beratan in the Bedugul area of Bali. It was a fine morning with a clear blue sky, and I spotted flowers blooming near the edge of the lake.
Lake Kelimutu, Flores
Lake Kelimutu is a unique water feature consisting of three different lakes located in the crater of an active volcano. Because of its sulphuric acid content, the water changes colour based on the temperature, weather and also the lighting of its surroundings. Here is the view near the edge of two of the lakes.
Lake Tondano, North Sulawesi
Sometimes, it’s a great idea to add a human element in order to show the sheer size of a lake. This photo shows a fisherman at work with his boat at Lake Tondano. Many people know Manado because of Bunaken National Park, but nearby Lake Tondano in the Tomohon Highland offers a different kind of beauty.
Lake Toba, North Sumatra
In order to get a better angle, I try to find higher ground before flying my drone. This is useful in order to get an unobstructed view of the drone and to maintain the safety of the surroundings. I took this photo of Lake Toba and Tuk Tuk village on Samosir Island by hiking to Beta Hill (Bukit Beta) before flying my drone in the early morning.
Lake Kaolin, Belitung Island
The lake, formed as a result of kaolin mining, has a unique turquoise colour and is very clear. I took this photo before sunrise. Since it was a calm morning, the vivid sky was perfectly reflected on the water.
Lake Tamblingan, Bali
There are times when a view from high above is more interesting. This aerial photo of Lake Tamblingan in northern Bali shows how the water floods the temple ground during sunrise. You can even see small canoes that local people use to transport visitors to the temple.
Lake Buyan, Bali
The best time to take a photo of a lake is usually during the early morning and sunrise, when lighting is at its best and you have the whole lake to yourself. I took this photo of Lake Buyan very early. Lake Buyan is twinned with Lake Buyan, located in northern Bali. As it’s in the highlands, you can see there is some fog and mist still covering the lake. If you look closely, you can even spot Mt Agung in the distance.

Suwandi Chandra

An award-winning travel photographer based in Indonesia, Suwandi Chandra’s interest in photography blossomed while working in the USA in 2007. His love of travel, nature, landscape and architectural objects continues to fuel his worldwide travels. His work has been featured and published in several international digital and print publications, ranging from CNN.com to The New York Times, BBC News Indonesia, Lonely Planet Traveller, Qatar Airways’ Oryx, Singapore Airlines’ Silkwinds and Jetstar Asia. Explore his work at www.suwandichandra.com Instagram/Facebook/Twitter: @SuwandiCPhoto.


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