Travel Trends


  • Oasis Spa - Twenty-six years after openings its doors, the Grand Hyatt Taipei has launched its first-ever spa.
  • Dapur Babah Élite & Tao Bar - The term ‘Babah’ in Java is commonly used to address the culture that resulted from marriages between Chinese settlers and native Javanese women. 
  • Amanemu Ise Shima, Japan - Aman’s second resort in Japan opens this month in time for the celebrated Sakura season.
  • Baubau - I arrive at Betoambari Airport in Baubau just before midday after a flight from Makassar that took less than an hour. If travelling by sea, the distance between the two cities can be covered in half a day.
  • Nuo Hotel Beijing - Located near Beijing’s Art Zone 798, the heart of China’s dynamic art movement, NUO Hotel Beijing features a dedicated art gallery displaying a series of curated pieces