Travel Trends


  • Chiang Rai - In the year 1262, King Mangrai of Ngoenyang unified the disparate city-states over which he ruled into a single kingdom, birthing the city of Chiang Rai in the process.
  • Belitung - It’s early afternoon on an October Sunday and I’m dining at a beach café on Tanjung Kelayang, where just a year ago I’d embarked on an island hopping trip across the twinkling turquoise Java Sea.
  • Nice - The capital of the French Riviera has a relaxed Mediterranean vibe and lovely setting, providing the perfect getaway for romantics and sunseekers alike.
  • Raja Ampat - With sublime scenery, spectacular marine life and tranquil waters, Indonesia’s Raja Ampat Islands are the perfect place to try liveaboard kayaking.
  • Kendari - There has been an evolution in the heart of Southeast Sulawesi, transforming a hidden port into a modern city with iconic architecture nestled around a bay. Colours stopped by to witness the Kendari dynamic.