Best answer: How far is Hoi An from the beach?

How many days in Hoi An is enough?

For anyone considering a visit to Vietnam, put Hoi An at the top of your list! I recommend a minimum of three full days to explore all that Hoi An has to offer. This gives you enough time to see Hoi An and its beaches, spend an afternoon in Da Nang, and maybe take a day trip to My Son (see below).

Is 3 days in Hoi An Enough?

Three days in Hoi An is the perfect amount of time for your first visit. It will allow you time to explore the Old Town, visit the beach, take a half-day tour to the Marble Mountains, and have a few pieces of clothing tailored.

Is it better to stay in Hoi An or Da Nang?

Both destinations have pristine white, sandy beaches, with longer stretches in Da Nang. But Hoi An offers more historic sites and a European feel. Whereas Da Nang presents itself as a modern Asian metropolis with lots of high rises. In both Hoi An and Da Nang, there are a great variety of places to stay.

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Which is better Hue or Hoi An?

Where Hue is more hectic and historic, Hoi An has an old town that is just perfectly chilled out, with no traffic allowed in some areas. Hoi An during the day is very relaxed and there’s not much going on, but Hoi An has a really good cafe scene, way better than Hue.

Is Hoi An too touristy?

Overall thoughts. We really enjoyed Hoi An, and our moms found it especially approachable, which was a nice contrast to bustling Saigon. The town has a ton of history, and has done an excellent job of marketing the heritage, so it is touristy, but in a way that I found pleasant (even when crowded).

How many days in Da Nang and Hoi An?

If you are visiting Da Nang, Hoi An and Hue and thinking how long you need to spend in the area, I would suggest you go for 4 days / 3 nights minimally.

Is Hoi An Vietnam safe?

Violent crime is rare in Hoi An, but theft is commonplace, so keep your belongings close as you walk around the city. The markets are also very crowded and difficult to navigate.

What is there to do in Hoi An for 3 days?

Things To Do In Hoi An in 3 Days

  • Visit the Japanese Covered Bridge. …
  • Eat a banh mi. …
  • Explore the Rice Paddy Fields (Tra Que Vegetable Village) …
  • Go shopping at the markets. …
  • Visit the Old House of Tan Ky. …
  • Get something tailored. …
  • Boat ride down the river. …
  • Ride a bike around the Old Town.
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How long is the train from Hoi An to Ho Chi Minh?

The best way to get from Hoi An to Ho Chi Minh City without a car is to train via Da Nang which takes 18h 20m and costs $25 – $60. How long does it take to get from Hoi An to Ho Chi Minh City? It takes approximately 3h 50m to get from Hoi An to Ho Chi Minh City, including transfers.

Is Hoi An safe at night?

Hoi An is a small community so scams are nowhere near as rife as you may find in the larger cities. But you still need to be cautious, especially late at night and even more so if you have been drinking.