Best answer: How many cases of malaria are there in Singapore?

Does Singapore have malaria?

Singapore was declared malaria-free by the World Health Organization in 1982. “Development has helped to eliminate indigenous cases of malaria, but with urbanization you have an increased risk of dengue because the Aedes mosquito is an urban insect and very well adjusted to the urban environment.

Is malaria endemic in Singapore?

Malaria has not re-established itself as an endemic disease in Singapore despite local outbreaks since it was declared malaria-free in 1982.

Why Singapore has no malaria?

Singapore was declared malaria-free in 1982 after meeting the World Health Organization (WHO) assessment of having 1) a comprehensive and efficacious case detection mechanism; 2) reliable microscopic diagnosis of blood smears; 3) thorough epidemiological investigations and a satisfactory epidemiological situation; 4) …

How many cases of malaria are there in Singapore?

In 2020, there was a total of 13 reported cases of malaria in Singapore.

Number of malaria cases in Singapore from 2011 to 2020.

Characteristic Number of cases
2019 33
2018 35
2017 39
2016 31

What is difference between malaria and dengue?

A key differentiation is that malaria is an infectious disease caused by a parasite, while dengue is a viral infection. Malaria is transmitted only by female Anopheles mosquitoes because they depend on blood meals for egg production.

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What are the side effects of artemisinin?

Some common side effects of artemisinin are:

  • skin rash.
  • nausea.
  • vomiting.
  • tremors.
  • liver issues.

How did Singapore deal with cholera?

Recent cholera cases in Singapore

Today, strict sanitation regulations, modernised water supplies and good hygiene practices have led to a drastic reduction in cholera cases.