Best answer: What countries did the Ho Chi Minh trail crossed through?

What made the Ho Chi Minh Trail so difficult to shut down?

Mu Gia and other strategic spots along the Ho Chi Minh trail became a struggle between American attempts to shut down the supply route and Vietnamese ones to keep them going. Defending the route was a core of committed laborers, who protected the trail by making it physically hard to bomb.

What made Operation Rolling Thunder a failure?

In Clausewitzian terms, Rolling Thunder failed because it was not an effective political instrument—it did not achieve its stated goal of compelling the North Vietnamese to do our will. … The failed American attempt to use air power against North Vietnam can be linked to three of these.

How was the Ho Chi Minh Trail destroyed?

HO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM — What Nguyen Thanh Linh remembers most vividly about his first journey along the Ho Chi Minh Trail in 1965 was the death and destruction wrought by tons of American bombs.

What made fighting in Vietnam so difficult?

Explanation: Firstly most of the war was fought as a guerrilla war. This is a type of war which conventional forces such as the US army in Vietnam, find notoriously difficult to fight. … The Americans, laden down with conventional weapons and uniform were not equipped to fight in the paddy fields and jungles.

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How did vietnamization fail?

In conclusion, as indicated right at its outset, the Vietnamization failed because it did not allow for the increase of troops and materials on the ARVN’s side to counter the build-up of troops and materials on the NVA’s side.