Can I send a package to Myanmar?

Can FedEx ship to Myanmar?

Myanmar (Burma) Prohibited and Restricted Items | FedEx Cross Border.

Does UPS deliver to Myanmar?

Shippers will now be able to use UPS’s Worldwide Express services to and from Myanmar, with transit times ranging from one to three business days across Asia, Europe and the United States. …

Can you send food to Myanmar?

Economy Courier to Myanmar

In addition to delivering parcels and documents from Singapore to Myanmar, we also deliver specialty items such as condiments, pickles, sweets, groceries and other food products that would be hard to send through the other postal service to Myanmar.

Does USPS deliver to Myanmar?

Addressees are required to obtain import licenses to take delivery of shipments, including those sent as gifts.


Articles Admitted Required Customs Form/Endorsement
Merchandise samples without commercial value. PS Form 2976-B placed inside PS Form 2976-E (plastic envelope).

Is Amazon Prime available in Myanmar?

Does Amazon Prime work in Myanmar? If you have Amazon Prime via, all of your orders will be eligible for free shipping, but only within the USA. That means that if your order doesn’t ship to Myanmar, you can have it shipped for free to Planet Express, and then have it forwarded on to your address from there.

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What countries do FedEx ship to?

Take your business into new markets.

Afghanistan Georgia Pakistan
Djibouti Mexico Turkey
Dominica Micronesia Turkmenistan
Dominican Republic Moldova Turks & Caicos Islands
East Timor Monaco U.S. Virgin Islands

What is prohibited in Myanmar?

The current list includes counterfeit money and goods, pornographic articles, narcotic drugs, playing cards, and items featuring images of the Buddha, pagodas, or the flag of Burma.

Does FedEx deliver to all countries?

Service Details: FedEx International Economy

Ship packages economically to Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico typically in 2 to 3 business days and to more than 215 countries and territories in 2 to 5 business days. You can import from more than 90 countries and territories, too.

Can you ship to Myanmar?

We have DHL Express services available for those who need a fast delivery to be made to Myanmar, with quick transit times of just 2-5 days. A DHL courier will pick up the package from your home or work and ship it to a central sort location, where DHL take over and ship the package on to the recipient in Myanmar.