Can you vape in Indonesia?

Is vape legal in Indonesia?

Indonesia’s health policy to ban the use of e-cigarette and vape has made the country among those considering do so after Turkey, South Korea, India, Thailand and the United States following health cases and deaths reported from the consumption of two addictive items.

Can you take a vape internationally?

Checked Bags: No

Battery-powered E-cigarettes, vaporizers, vape pens, atomizers, and electronic nicotine delivery systems may only be carried in the aircraft cabin (in carry-on baggage or on your person).

What countries is it illegal to vape in?

While travellers have reported being able to vape in some public places, be aware that you may be fined. Cambodia, Lebanon, Philippines and Vietnam joined Thailand in banning e-cigarettes as well, along with India last year.

Is vaping legal in Bali?

Indonesia: Although travellers have reported that e-cigarettes are openly available for purchase in tourist areas and a number of e-cigarette cafes openly operate in Bali, vaping is banned in Indonesia.

Can you buy vape juice in Bali?

Even if you’re not a local, the most iconic Vape Shop Bali is Cstyle. … This shop is perfect for a beginner vaper, looking to pick up a cheap kit and some decent vape juice at a great price.

Can you take a vape in hand luggage?

Vape devices and e-cigarettes should be packed in carry-on luggage only, with a maximum of 20 batteries. Refills and e-liquids must also be kept in hand luggage with a maximum bottle size of 100ml. You can take up to 20 batteries on board. These can be packed in your hand luggage but not in your checked baggage.

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Is vape allowed in hand carry?

Please be advised that Vape/E-cigarettes are permitted for hand carry baggage. Kindly make sure that batteries are removed and must be individually protected to prevent accidental activation. The vape juice should also not exceed 100ml per bottle.