Did Jackie talk about Malaysia’s kids?

Why did Malaysia and Jackie fall out?

If you can recall, Christie and her co-star Malaysia Pargo fell out with each other during season 8 after a man from Atlanta contacted Christie on social media and allegedly implied that Pargo was broke and was not taking care of her children.

Who does Malaysia have kids by?

Who did Malaysia fight on Basketball Wives?

After Malaysia Pargo provoked Laura Govan to fight, Laura accepted her challenge and the two ladies threw blows. As a result, the two had to be separated by nearly everyone involved in the production of the show.

What rumor did Jackie spread about Malaysia?

The issue was Jackie decided to tell the others about the rumors she heard about Malaysia. The rumor accused Malaysia of being a neglectful mother. She was accused of having money problems. And later she was told that someone said her kids have been going around the city looking dirty.

What did Jackie Christie say about Malaysia’s kids?

Now what Jackie said has been revealed. In a trailer for the episode, it’s said Jackie said Malaysia’s kids are dirty. Jennifer Williams is the one who tells Malaysia. Malaysia then confronts Jackie at the skating rink.

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Who is Malaysia’s husband?

How much child support does Malaysia Pargo get?

According to an Essence story, the former NBA star was told to give half of his NBA pension and 401k savings plan. In addition to this, he would have to pay up to $15,380 and $7,500 towards monthly child and spousal support.

Why is Evelyn and Tami beefing?

On the last season of “Basketball Wives,” the Tami and Evelyn beef was reignited. Things kicked off after Tami got word of some shade Evelyn threw behind her back. … Later on in the season, Tami even accused Evelyn of lying about being assaulted by Chad.

What episode did Malaysia throw the table?

Basketball Wives Season 7 Episode 16 Recap: Malaysia Throws The Table.

Who threw a table at Jennifer Williams?

“You a f—ing hater, b—-,” Pargo shouted after she claimed Williams threw Tami Roman under the bus with the O’Neal/Lozada rumor. Pargo was held back but broke free from her co-stars and tossed a table outside the restaurant in Williams’ direction. “Let me just whip this b—- ass!” Pargo shouted afterward.