Does Thai have spaces?

How do spaces work in Thai?

Written Thai already uses spaces…

  1. Add one space when you finish a phrase, clause or sentence, and wish to start a new idea.
  2. One space after “ว่า” that is used in combination with such verbs of speech as กล่าว (including กล่าวไว้ and ได้กล่าว), พูด, เห็น, รายงาน, แถลง, ยืนยัน, etc.

Are there any languages that don’t use spaces?

Thai, Lao, and Khmer are languages that are written with no spaces between words. Spaces do occur, but they serve as phrase delimiters, rather than word delimiters.

How do you separate sentences in Thai?

Thai is one such language, since it uses space neither to distinguish syl- lables from words or affixes, nor to unambi- guously signal sentence boundaries. Written Thai has no sentence-end punctuation, but a space character is always present between sentences.

Is there spacing in Thai?

The Thai language does not use spaces between the words in a sentence. … Because Thai is “designed” to be written without spaces between the words, it will be easier to read Thai than it is to read this: Englishwritingprovidesfewercluesaboutwordbreaking.

Does Thai have spaces between words?

The Thai language has 44 consonants, 32 vowels, 4 tone marks, and various other symbols for pronunciation. Also, in the Thai writing system, there are no spaces between words. Instead, spaces in a Thai text indicate the end of a clause or sentence.

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Does Korea use spaces?

In Korean written language, spaces are used to help differentiate parts of the sentence, similar to English or other similar languages. There are some simple rules to use when determining whether a space is required in a sentence: There is no space between a name and 씨 such as: 미영씨

Does English need spaces?

Modern English uses a space to separate words, but not all languages follow this practice. Spaces were not used to separate words in Latin until roughly 600–800 AD. Ancient Hebrew and Arabic, while they did not use spacing, used word dividers partly to compensate in clarity for the lack of vowels.

Did the Irish invented the spaces between words?

Beginning in the late 7th century, Irish scribes introduced spaces at irregular intervals to create what Saenger calls ‘aerated’ text , and, by the 11th century, scribes in northern Europe were separating Latin text ‘canonically’ – that is, the way we do now in standard written English, with spaces between words.

What is the Thai sentence structure?

The most basic explanation of Thai sentence structure is SVO – Subject, Verb, and Object. This is similar to English, which means that it is one less major change to have to consider. As you can see in this basic sentence, it follows the same general order as in English.

How do you write sentences in Thai?

The Declarative Simple Present form is:

  2. ไม่ (mâi) is the best word to use for when it comes to negation: it is placed in front of any word we want to make negative. …
  3. SUBJECT + / mai3 (dai3) / + VERB + OBJECT / COMPLEMENT. …
  4. Subject + / gam1lang1 / + Verb + Object / Complement.
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Is Thai written from right to left?

Thai is written across the page from left to right, with no spaces between words, for example: You are trying to view Flash content, but you have no Flash plugin installed. To find out how to install a Flash plugin, go to the WebWise Flash install guide. Noi has been working here for almost 20 years.